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Throughout the Business Communication Short Course, it is intended that trainees develop communication skills in the business field, both in the oral and written components.

The first module focuses on the acquisition of business writing skills and provides sample letters and emails with key expressions that trainees will be able to adapt to various daily situations in the workplace.

In the second module, Business Communication Skills, trainees will have the opportunity to interact and role-play situations that are constant in the business routine, such as preparing a presentation or managing a meeting or negotiation.

Throughout the on-site or distance learning sessions, the contents covered in both modules will be put into practice through the writing of different types of letters and emails, listening to dialogues in the business context, and through role-plays.

When this course is completed, it is intended that the trainees can communicate effectively and appropriately in various business situations and are prepared to face the current challenges.


Duration | 30 hours
Schedule | From Mondays to Fridays from 6 pm to 9 pm

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Application Process

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Price list

ISAL Students

Enrollment | 30€
Amount to be paid on the first day of classes | 60€
Amount to be paid until the last day of training | 60€


Enrollment | 30€
Amount to be paid on the first day of classes |120€

Participants who succeed will receive a certificate of attendance.

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