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Management is a powerful and necessary tool in the business world and within the services sector and a key part in all the business areas and sectors of activity in order to maximize them, make them grow and increase their competitiveness. Therefore, this postgraduate course sets as objectives:

  • To provide multidisciplinary know-how in the field of management;
  • To understand the importance of business management;
  • To master digital marketing and communication strategies;
  • To know how to budget;
  • To identify the required licences, logistics, operations, and safety in management in general;
  • To value digital tools, competitiveness, and innovation.

Target Audience

  • Graduates, Masters, Doctors and others from any field of knowledge;
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO) and administrators of small, medium and large-sized enterprises;
  • Directors and Managers of small, medium and large-sized enterprises;
  • Communication and Marketing Directors;
  • Commercial Directors who are Brand and Product Managers and Directors;
  • Operations Directors who are potential professionals in the field;
  • Other interested applicants.
6 months
Fortnightly Schedule

Fridays | 5 pm – 11 pm

Saturdays | 10 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 5 pm

April 29, 2022

Sérgio Teixeira, PhDSérgio Teixeira, PhD

Currently attending a postdoc in Tourism at the University of Aveiro.

PhD in Management from UBI, Master in Management from UTAD, where he completed his undergraduate course in Tourism.

Chair of the Technical-Scientific Board of ISAL, Scientific Coordinator of the new Research Centre ISAL, Director of the degree in Tourism, Director of the degree in Management, Coordinator of the line of research ‘Competitiveness, Innovation and Entrepreneurship’, Integrated Member of the NECE-UBI and Collaborator of CITUR, funded by FCT.

His research focuses on the fields of Competitiveness, Strategy, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. He is the author of several scientific publications indexed in the Web of Science, ISI and SCOPUS, and he collaborated with several international authors.

He is an editorial member of several scientific journals, namely Management Decision, and a scientific reviewer of more than 25 scientific journals indexed in WoS, in the Management, Hospitality and Tourism fields. He has recently published 2 books, one by IGI Global and the other by Palgrave Macmillan. Moreover, he acquired 4 years of practical experience in the banking sector at CGD, and approximately 10 years of experience in hotel services. He was the General Conference Chair of Regional Helix 2020 – International Conference in Regional Competitiveness, Tourism Innovation and Knowledge Transfer – ISAL.