Management is a powerful and necessary tool in the business world and within the services sector and a key part in all the business areas and sectors of activity in order to maximize them, make them grow and increase their competitiveness. Therefore, this postgraduate course sets as objectives:

  • To provide multidisciplinary know-how in the field of management;
  • To understand the importance of business management;
  • To master digital marketing and communication strategies;
  • To know how to budget;
  • To identify the required licences, logistics, operations, and safety in management in general;
  • To value digital tools, competitiveness, and innovation.

Target Audience

  • Graduates, Masters, Doctors and others from any field of knowledge;
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO) and administrators of small, medium and large-sized enterprises;
  • Directors and Managers of small, medium and large-sized enterprises;
  • Communication and Marketing Directors;
  • Commercial Directors who are Brand and Product Managers and Directors;
  • Operations Directors who are potential professionals in the field;
  • Other interested applicants.
Learning Units Prospective Teaching Staff Course Workload
International Economics  Luiz Pinto Machado, PhD 12 h
Competitiveness and Innovation Élvio Camacho, PhD 12 h
Strategic Management João José de Matos Ferreira, PhD 18 h
Entrepreneurship Cristina Fernandes, PhD 12 h
Digital Communication and Multimedia in Management Rogério Barros, PhD 12 h
Management Informatics Cláudia Sofia Borges, PhD 12 h
Banking, Finance and Financial Markets Verónica Araújo, PhD Candidate 12 h
Logistics Management José Nelson Abreu, PhD Candidate 12 h
Negotiation José Nelson Abreu, PhD Candidate 12 h
Data Analysis and Statistical Information Pedro Mota Veiga, PhD 12 h
Human Resources Paulo Reis, Graduate 12 h
Seminar 6 h
This postgraduate course has a total of 24 ECTS
6 months
Fortnightly Schedule

Fridays | 5 pm – 11 pm

Saturdays | 10 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 5 pm

April 12, 2024

Élvio Camacho, DoutorÉlvio Camacho, PhD

PhD in Management from the University Lusíada, Master’s degree in Strategic Management in Tourism from the University of Madeira, postgraduate degree in Markets and Financial Assets, from INDEG-ISCTE, degree in Financial Management, Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Insurance Management, and in Corporate Finance Management from IESF. He is the Chief Executive Officer in Accounting Support, Lecturer at ISAL, Director of the Business Management degree, Member of the Management Board at ISAL.