Private Portuguese or English Lessons

At ISAL, you can have private Portuguese or English lessons, tailored to you and your needs, with a specific programme according to your learning objective.


Private lessons are aimed at all audiences, regardless of their level of language proficiency.

The objectives will be defined in accordance with the expectations and needs of the candidate and according to the diagnosis of their knowledge that will be carried out prior to the start of the lessons.


Duration | 10 hours (packs of 10 lessons)
Timetable | to be defined with the lecturer

For further information, please contact our services

Application process

  • Application form
  • Identification document

Price list

Pack of 10 lessons = 200 €
50% to be paid on registration
50% to be paid on the first day of classes

If you have any questions, please contact our reception by e-mail, telephone or in person.