Customised Training

ISAL Advanced Learning
ISAL | Advanced Training is one of ISAL’s performance areas, within the scope of advanced training for companies, tailored to the individual needs and specificities of each entity. It was structured in order to promote new practices, increase skills, update knowledge and facilitate its practical application to reinforce performance and results. ISAL is a certified training entity for diversified training areas, by the Instituto para a Qualificação, IP-RAM (certification equivalent to DGERT), which is the responsible entity in the headquarters of ISAL (Autonomous Region of Madeira), and with national coverage.

We develop training programs according to the needs of organisations and companies.

When contacted by the entity interested in a training solution:

  • We analyse the context and identify the training needs;
  • We plan the training, defining objectives, creating contents and identifying methodologies;
  • We mobilise human, pedagogical, and logistical resources;
  • We draw up the proposal for the provision of services;
  • We organize and manage the training;
  • We monitor and evaluate the training.


The methodology for the implementation of this training intervention presupposes three distinct phases, as follows:

Phase 1 – Preparation

Phase 2 – Training

Phase 3 – Assessment

ISAL Advanced Training Methodology

The training may be of:


Employee Training – New techniques or new functions – Technological or organizational evolution.


Updating or developing new knowledge – Preparation due to the loss of performance capacity – Recovery of motivation in stressful professions.


Preparation for new aspects of the profession – Career evolution or performance of new positions – Systematic acquisition of specific knowledge.

Training Goals

  • Integration and socio-professional fulfilment of individuals, preparing them for the performance of various social roles;
  • Suitability of the employee for the job position;
  • Promotion of equal opportunities, reducing asymmetries and social exclusion;
  • Modernisation and integrated development of Organisations, Society and Economy;
  • Promotion of creativity, innovation and sense of initiative.

Any entity, company or organisation wishing to benefit from our services may contact us via e-mail: