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Undergraduate Courses


Career Prospects: Tourism Senior Technician to perform tasks in: Travel Agencies; Tour Operators; Central and Regional Tourism Bodies; Airlines and Shipping Companies; Car Rental Companies; Board of Tourism Companies; Projects Specialised in the Leisure Industry; Event Planning, etc.

Business Management

Career Prospects: Business Management and/or Administration, Financial Planning, Financial Management and Analysis, Auditing, Accounting, Access to the position of Certified Public Accountant, Teaching, Central and Regional Bodies at Public Administration, Financial and Tax Consultancy, Banking, Insurance Activity.

Hotel Organisation and Management

Career Prospects: Different labour needs in the several hotel departments, namely the Board, Management and Administration. Apart from the accommodation companies, the future professional may perform tasks in the same areas in Airlines and Shipping Companies, Tour Operators, Central and Regional Tourism Bodies, Tourism Companies and Similar Institutions, Car Rental Companies, Projects Specialized in the Leisure Industry, Event Planning, Tourist Animation, Private and Public Bodies of Tourism Promotion.