For the academic year 2023/2024, the deadlines are:


Application Submission

Results Display


2nd Phase

From June 26 to July 31, 2023

August 29, 2023

From August 29 to September 06, 2023

3rd Phase

From September 11 to September 18, 2023

October 03, 2023

From October 03 to October 11, 2023

Deadlines for Enrolment Renewal

The renewal of the registration and/or enrolment for students who do not intend to resort to the extraordinary or subsequent phases must take place by July 31.

The renewal of the registration and/or enrolment for students who have resorted to the extraordinary phase, Working Student special phase or special phase must take place within three days after the display of the last result regarding the exam(s) that the student has applied for.

Enrolment and Enrolment Renewal

ISAL will only accept registrations until the number agreed by the competent Ministry is reached and may cancel the enrolments in any course whenever the number of interested students is not considered sufficient for the operation of the course.

The registration and/or enrolment expires at the end of each academic year. Before the beginning of the new academic year, all students must renew their registration and/or enrolment, using the forms provided for that purpose.

The student must be enrolled in all the course units of the respective study plan for that academic year, when he or she does not have overdue course units (when applicable).

The academic year transition is defined according to the number of credit units obtained by the student – ECTS. Since students may have up to 24 overdue ECTS, their distribution among the 3 curricular years of the undergraduate courses will be defined as follows:

  • 1st curricular year – students with 0 – 35 ECTS (out of the 60 expected in the first 2 semesters);
  • 2nd curricular year – students with 36 – 95 ECTS (out of the 120 expected in the first 4 semesters);
  • 3rd curricular year – students with 96 – 179 ECTS

The provision mentioned in the preceding paragraph does not undermine the precedence regime set for each course. Every year, students are required to enrol in all the course units that are overdue as a priority, paying the appropriate fee for that purpose.

Students who pass the year with overdue course units are not necessarily guaranteed a compatible schedule to attend those course units in the following year.

The attendance of preceded course units will be allowed, when the approval in the preceding course units has not yet been obtained, even though the grades achieved in the attendance and final exams of the preceding course units are at a standstill, depending on the outcomes of the preceding course units. This standstill will only be valid until the end of the extraordinary phase of September of the academic year to which it refers, after which the results of these exams will become void. If students meet the conditions to take the preceding course unit in the Working Student special phase or the special phase, the above-mentioned standstill will be valid until the stated examination period.

At the time of registration or renewal of registration, the student may choose the part-time or full-time regime.