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Scientific Field

Management and Administration


  • To frame the graduates at national and international level through the acquisition of in-depth knowledge that enables them to develop their future activity in the field of Management;
  • To qualify managers and technical senior officials, providing an appropriate scientific and technical preparation for the performance of management tasks in companies and other organizations.
  • To qualify multi-skilled senior technicians who are able to embrace varied segments in the job market, apart from the ones inherent to their core activity, since the course of study provides interdisciplinary between a set of various fields of knowledge, namely the scientific fields of accounting, mathematics, law, informatics, economics, management and auditing.
  • To prepare students for great challenges in the business sector, knowing how to resize, modernize and internationalize;
  • To develop a cultural attitude that allows students to be change agents.

Career Prospects

Business Management and/or Administration, Financial Planning, Financial Management and Analysis, Auditing, Accounting, Access to the position of Certified Public Accountant, Teaching, Central and Regional Bodies at Public Administration, Financial and Tax Consultancy, Banking, Insurance Activity.

Course Director

Élvio Camacho, PhD


Six semesters


After Work Regime or
Daytime Regime (from Monday to Saturday – morning/afternoon)

Curso acreditado pela A3ES

Degree accredited by A3ES
Licenciatura com acesso ao colégio de especialidade de Economia e Gestão Empresariais

Degree that provides access to the Business Management and Economics Specialisation College

Licenciatura com admissão ao estágio profissional de acesso à atividade de Despachante Oficial

Degree with admission to the professional internship that provides access to the position of Official Forwarder