Erasmus+Besides contributing to the reinforcement of the European dimension of Higher Education, understanding international cooperation as a strand of relevant importance nowadays, ISAL’s participation in the Erasmus+ Programme is undoubtedly a guarantee of quality increase in the activities carried out by the institution at all levels.

To enable participation in the ERASMUS+ programme, ISAL obtained the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), by the European Commission, in December 2013.

Erasmus Policy Statement
Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

In the context of the ERASMUS+ programme, ISAL has built partnerships with several European Higher Education Institutions, enabling the mobility of students, graduates, teachers and staff in accordance with the expected goals for each area, aiming to improve quality and reinforce the European dimension in Higher Education.

Mapa Erasmus ISAL
The Erasmus+ Programme will be entering a new phase and ISAL is already implementing the new measures.


Total scanning of the procedures, resorting to a digital platform.


Virtual Mobility is a strong commitment to eliminating the difficulties felt by students in their internationalisation experiences.

This mobility intends to provide access to an international experience without the (economic, social and family) costs associated with physical mobility.

Similarly, it is a clear commitment to innovation and modernisation inherent in the new paradigms of the teaching-learning processes in Higher Education that compete for more simplified development of a common, open, accessible and transparent European Education Area.


Sustainability, more precisely Environmental Sustainability, is a key concept. This purpose is achieved through several activities, a handbook of best practices and the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals.


The promotion of awareness of social responsibility and active and responsible citizenship are pillars of ISAL’s academic community.

The development of a sense of Social Responsibility and commitment to active citizenship in all our academic community is encouraged by internal and external activities.

Erasmus+ Contacts

Cláudia Afonso
ERASMUS | International Exchange

Information Session

Sessão Esclarecimento Erasmus+ ISAL

Every year, ISAL organises an information session for students about the Erasmus+ Programme, enabling all of them to have access to information and to submit their applications in time.

Welcome Session

At the beginning of every semester, ISAL promotes a Welcome Session to welcome the students who will spend a period of studies in the institution.

Welcome Session Erasmus+ ISAL

Global Goals Week

This week aims to promote and raise awareness among students who are undertaking the Erasmus+ mobility at ISAL about the themes of sustainability, active citizenship, social responsibility, and inclusion, equity and diversity.