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O ISAL tem parceria com diversas instituições de ensino superior, e recebe alunos ao abrigo do programa ERASMUS+ para realizarem um semestre ou um ano letivo no seu Instituto.

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BA: Management

Bulgaria | Student Mobility – Erasmus+

“When I learned about the opportunity to do an Erasmus exchange, I immediately took the decision to apply for a place that I have not heard much about – the Portuguese island of Madeira. I was lucky that my application was approved, and my journey was soon to begin. Before coming to the island I only knew that it is famous for being the Hawaii of Europe. The moment I set foot in Madeira I was amazed. Going to the university and meeting the lecturers and my classmates was something I was a bit nervous about. However, everyone was really friendly and helpful.

I did not have enough time to communicate face to face with everyone due to the world pandemic of Covid-19. The classes were fast taken to an online form. The teachers were very supportive and tried to make the best they could in a situation that no one has imagined would ever occur.

After weeks, when we were again able to go out in public, I managed to visit wonderful places, try delicious food and of course … has anyone ever been to Madeira without taking a sip of the famous drinks – Poncha and Nikita?

No doubt, even with the obstacles, doing my Erasmus in Madeira was the best decision I could have made.”

Mónika Petkova - Erasmus Bulgária

Elena Georgieva - BulgáriaBA: Management

Bulgaria | Student Mobility – Erasmus+

“I participated in Erasmus + programme for the first time and I was lucky to spend the summer semester in Madeira.

The island is a wonderful place for studies and entertainment.

The classes were in the evening and the lecturers were nice and cooperative. I had the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge in our team work on different projects. That was a chance for me to share my point of view on financial and other topics with students from other universities.

I am very happy that I upgraded my skills in Computing Management, which I believe will be very helpful in my career in the future. People in Madeira are very friendly and sociable. One can fully trust them and rely on them, if necessary. I spent an unforgettable time in trips exploring the beautiful nature, mountains, waterfalls and places of entertainment.

I witnessed gorgeous festivals and enjoyed the wonderful local food. In a word, this is a wonderful place, with wonderful people and it is really worth visiting. I hope I will have a chance to visit it again!”

Elena Georgieva - Bulgária

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Andreia Nicole Pereira Carvalho

Andreia Carvalho
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