Regional Helix 2020

International Conference on Regional Competitiveness, Tourism Innovation and Knowledge Transfer

Regional HELIX 2020(5th edition) | June 29th-July 1st | Madeira – Funchal | Portugal

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Regional Helix 2020

Tourism has been highlighted as one of the sectors with the greatest potential for expansion on a global scale, so it is important to try to understand the factors of innovation and regional competitiveness in this sector. Competitiveness, particularly in the tourism sector, has experienced in recent decades an unprecedented development of experiences and now plays a very important role in markets and industries. However, the success of the tourist destinations in the world and regional markets is in a way influenced by their relative competitiveness. In this sense, innovation is a very important catalyst for the survival and growth of tourism and it is recognized the positive impacts, revealing that the innovative behaviors and products improve financial and economic performance positively.

In the age of entrepreneurship, the emergence of new business models based on innovation, cooperation networks and endogenous resource enhancement is a strong contribution to regional development and competitive regions. This is a matter of particular concern for peripheral and low-density territories, where innovation and internationalization should be seen as a priority. The aim is also to make this moment an opportunity to showcase the range of business and infrastructure capacities at the regional level, as well as to provide all participants with an overview of the vast and endogenous heritage that the Autonomous Region of Madeira (Madeira Island), enhancing the foundations for knowledge networking and business cooperation, involving regional stakeholders.

This is the context of the 5th Regional Helix 2020. This edition is specially focused on regional competitiveness, tourism innovation and knowledge transfer, discusses, and proposes solutions to key challenges and social issues, using real value-added creation. and currently circular. Researchers and academics, as well as policy makers, are invited to submit their English papers to this event, bringing their important contributions to the field.

Call for special tracks
The conference organizers invite proposals for organizing special tracks during the international conference.

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