Economics, Finance and Strategy

Economics, Finance and Strategy


This line of research and coordination area aims to reach three scientific fields in a rigorous, comprehensive and flexible way:

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Strategy

It is intended that in the end we obtain scientific papers to be published in academic journals according to the fields of research.

Therefore, the Scientific Research Laboratory will contribute with its resources in order to support researchers during their research according to their needs.

The coordinator of this line of research is the PhD candidate Nelson Abreu.
BIOGRAPHY: Current Administrator of the Municipal Company Frente Mar Funchal, MC. From 2017 to 2018 he was in charge of the Studies and Projects Department of the company Previsão, Lda., having held the position of Chief Financial Officer at the SS Financial from 2009 to 2017. Between the years 1996 and 2009, he worked in the Group WoodGest, SGPS, SA, Funchal, having performed several tasks, namely as the Commercial Director in the field of real estate promotion and Financial Director in the construction industry. During this period, he developed several skills in the field of financial management and negotiation with banks.

In Higher Education, he works as a coordinator and lecturer in the undergraduate courses in Hotel Organisation and Management, Accounting and Finance, and Business Management, teaching the course units Analytical Accounting I and II and Negotiation only in the undergraduate course in Business Management.

Furthermore, he teaches the course units “Accounting for Management” and “Financial information and decision-making” in the post-graduation course in Management Control and Financial Analysis.

Moreover, he teaches the course unit “Planning, Budgeting and Control” in the post-graduation course in Auditing. At the moment, he is attending a PhD in General Management, Strategy and Business Development at ISCTE – IUL.

He holds a degree in Business Management from the Higher Institute of Administration and Languages (ISAL) and he attended the post-graduation course in Financial Markets, Banking and Insurance, from the Higher Institute of Administration and Languages (ISAL).


To develop a deep and systematic perspective on the Management field of study;

  • To enable the preparation and implementation of solid research plans, in accordance with ethical and methodological norms, susceptible to contribute to the development of scientific knowledge in the field of Management;
  • To assist in the presentation and dissemination of research results within the academic community;
  • To encourage students to promote autonomously the advancement of knowledge in the field of Management.


  • To develop a critical point of view regarding the production and use of scientific knowledge;
  • To promote the dissemination and publication of scientific knowledge among the civil society, public institutions and business environments;
  • To promote the development of thematic lines of research of excellence;
  • To expand the specialization of some of our current lines of research, attracting promising young researchers who work in fields such as Management and Economics.